In New Zealand the journey towards sustainable water and land management by active "water wise" members of our communities is a challenging one at best. Often information, advice and support to rise to the challenge is focused upon addressing immediate problems.  Advice rarely provides for long term solutions or is made smart enough to help resource manager’s (especially our farmers) future proof the environment from humans cumulative environmental effects.

There is a small window of opportunity to stay further environmental degradation, but only if resource users respond to the challenge of managing our freshwaters in a collaborative way. This will need agreement to some difficult compromises and the acceptance that we need to agree resource limits to not only sustainably manage water and land, but to provide for New Zealand’s economic surety.

Therefore the ultimate purpose for any water management specialist is helping people make the growing number of hard decisions about how they use water and land. 

Aspiring Environmental strives to provide this help to water and land managers by fostering a collaborative approach towards the goal of sustainable land and freshwater management, with the use of smart information and evidenced science, delivered in simple language.

Specific goals are to:

• Obtain acceptable outcomes for all resource-users through transparent and collaborative processes;

• Underpin water-use with truly sustainable management principles;

• Provide information and guidance about how regulatory agencies / stakeholder groups can work in relation to environmental issues;

• Improve and provide information about what water does for all New Zealanders.